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Roll Cages, Seat Lowering Kits & Strut Braces

Company Name: SW Motorsports

Website: https://www.swmotorsports.uk

Telephone: 01772 378 224 | Location: Unit 3B Talbot Road, Leyland, PR25 2ZF | Forum username: SW Motorsports

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About SW Motorsports

We are a well-established Roll Cage Manufacturer with over 20+ Years of Experience-Based in North West England.

We are the sole roll cage supplier for many MSUK Club Championships


We also develop fast road car parts in-house from Half Cages, Bracing, Heel Plates, and seat Bases.

Using the latest in 3D Scanning technology, we produce a millimetre accurately High-resolution scan of any make & model car. We are then able to produce bespoke products with CAD software with precision fitment. Our highly trained mechanical design team produces work to a high standard.

We own a GR Yaris ourselves and plan to run it in the UK Time Attack Clubman class this year 2022 and develop more parts as the year goes on!

We would like to offer all Forum members 10% off all our product range for the GR Yaris.

We also plan to develop parts for the GR Supra MK5 very soon!

Any questions or require parts that are not yet available on the market drop us a message and we can try to accommodate.

Thanks, SW Motorsports



We currently have stock of the following parts for the GR Yaris

  • Driver & Passenger OEM Seat lowering Kit (lowers OEM seats by 40mm! a modification Toyota should have done from the factory!)
  • Driver & Passenger Super Low Seat Bases (for fitting aftermarket race seats *Slider Version Also Available*)
  • Club Sport Half Cage (for people not wanting to modify interior trim but want somewhere to mount harnesses)
  • Track Day Style Half Cage (requires drilling through the floor with spreader plates *more track day focused cage*)
  • Full Bolt In RollCage TO MSUK/FIA SPEC
  • Full Weld In Multi Point Rollcage
  • Drivers Heel Plate (A must for any track or racecar! Corrects the floor level once carpets have been removed)
  • Fire Extinguisher Bracket (Mounts to OEM Passenger front seat bolts)
  • Front Upper Strut Brace (Mounts to OEM Fixings on the car)
  • Front Lower Sub Frame Brace (Mounts to OEM Bolt points already on the car)
  • Rear Chassis Brace (Mounts to OEM Bolt points already on the car)
  • Rear Lower Sub Frame Diff Brace (Mounts to OEM Bolt points already on the car *Requires OEM Exhaust*)
  • Rear Upper Strut Brace (Mounts to OEM Bolts on inside of the rear arches *carpet requires trimming*)
  • Rear W Brace (Mounts to OEM Bolts on inside of the car *carpet require trimming*)
  • Wishbone reinforcement Kit
  • Light Weight Battery Kit


Fitting Service is available on request across all our products please call 01772 378224

View our product range on our website: https://www.swmotorsports.uk/product-category/toyota/yaris-gr/




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