GR86 What did you do with your GR86 today


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Feb 20, 2024
Great photos - would love to hear that exhaust when you have it installed and settled in. From the dealer plates I guess you are based somewhere in North Copenhagen area as well? Let me know if you plan to attend any local shows / meetups etc!
I definitely will (I participated in the first "Torsdagstræf" in Roskilde earlier this summer).
I didn't know there was a fellow Dane on here, I've only seen one other GR86 than mine here - in red as well - so it could be you 😄
So far the exhaust is great! It's "boomier/bassier" than I expected at low RPM, as the phone videos on the internet can't really capture that. But it gives the car more sound especially at those initial RPM where the stock exhaust is too quiet in my opinion, and allows a bit more of the boxer sound as well. In higher RPM it doesn't seem much louder so far, but that seems in line with what others have been saying.

(Btw, as the exhaust got installed I also FINALLY got rid of the dealer plate holders, but youre right, I am from the Copenhagen area)


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Apr 20, 2022
Kent, UK
Moved the drivers seat forward one notch today and found that it's improved the throttle response. Always got a bit annoyed in traffic, with that slight dead spot right at the top of the throttle pedal. Would constantly not give it quite enough gas, and bog down when pulling away, then lurch as I tried to compensate. And would often jerk a bit on gear changes just because I wasn't rolling back onto the throttle quite enough. Pulling the seat forward just one notch seems to have fixed that, feels like the natural position of my right foot allows me to manipulate the pedal more confidently.

What a dickhead. Only taken a year and half to arrive at that conclusion. I bought the car, shoved the seat all the way back and down 'cos that's how I had it in the GT86, and called it a day.


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Apr 13, 2022
found a sundried bird deposit on the bootlid, wiped it off with a wet wipe and when it dried out its scratched the paint 🤦🏻‍♂️ think i need to wrap this thing
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