GR86 "That's a fresh whip bruv"; or the Toyota GR86 collated feedback thread


Totally Hooked
Apr 15, 2022
I was watching an autosolo yesterday and from a distance I saw a small group go and have a closer look at the car, peering inside, probably wondering if they could nick it without setting off the alarm. It was also voted the most interesting car in the car park by the sheep.



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May 24, 2022
Had a nice chat with a bloke whilst waiting for tea, in the chippy tonight. Guy came in and asked if the "gorgeous sports car" outside was mine 😀 he mentioned he'd never seen one on the road before. I think that's the first conversation I've had with someone about the car. Last weekend I noticed a young lad mouth the words "wow" as I did a three point turn.


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On my way to work yesterday morning I went passed a young lad who must have been all of five years old and smartly dressed in school uniform, walking a few paces in front of his mother.

Having clocked me coming he stopped and began pointing whilst mouthing the word 'WOW!' and continued pointing as I passed, clearly telling his mother to 'look at that car mum!'

Good lad, that was nice to see. 😊