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Nov 22, 2021
Due to interest on here for a 4 person event, Mark from Drive Limits has agreed to run a 4 person day on Monday 14th August 2023.

This is likely to be the last GR day this year, so if you are looking to improve your driving techniques and own a GR then get your name down and have some fun in a safe environment.

The password to purchase and book is Zoo (case sensitive).
Price is £225 per driver

Once booked if you have any queries regarding the booking then please contact Drive Limits directly. Mark spends most of his days either in cars or at events, so don't expect a reply in 10 minutes, but he will get back to you.

DRIVE LIMITS - North Weald Driver Training
0787 555 7816

To participate you'll need to be in a GR that's safe and roadworthy, no passengers allowed unless you buy 2 tickets and share a car, no helmet required. You'll need to pump up your tyres a bit on arrival, toilets are on site and their is somewhere for refreshments and food. You can take video but coaching techniques are private and shouldn't be shared on YouTube.

The day consists of various exercises including how to improve braking, car control in emergency situations and some timed laps to put your skills into practice. Some on the day coaching is also included if you are happy to listen and learn.

If you book, then please mention it on this thread so we have an idea who is going. (y)
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