GR Supra Arma Speed Carbon intake


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Jun 12, 2023
Hi everyone,

New here but thought I’d take the time to make a product overview and post a few images of the Arma Speed Carbon intake for the Toyota A90 supra.

All I can say is wow this intake system is incredible and massively worth the money! I can’t get over how good this thing sounds and how awesome it looks! You’d honestly think I’d have a big turbo under the bonnet from the noises this makes.

Super easy to install and fits very well in the supra’s engine bay.
I took my time to stick gold heat reflective tape on the back of the heat shield but to be honest you don’t really need to as the heat shield does an awesome job at keeping the turbo heat away from the intake. Would definitely recommend this intake I love it!
If anyone wants to follow the build of my Supra my insta is @ke13ett
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