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  1. GRaven

    GR86 Green Ridge [Harkone] Edition

    Green Ridge Edition My favourite colour, would be perfect for British roads. Throttle Remap? Bronze Wheels Brakes Suspension? Interior Stitching (Interesting that it’s Green Ridge in English) Limited to 200 US Market has never been so lucky Chefs Kiss
  2. GRaven

    GR86 Tiny Window Scratches & Insurance, worth it?

    @gearFX I think @Cambman is on the money as I have been battling with Foxes climbing up on my roof. See my other thread about it. I'm tempted just to go to Halfords for 40 quid and call it a day.
  3. GRaven

    GR86 Tiny Window Scratches & Insurance, worth it?

    I have some barely noticeable scratches on my windscreen, can't explain how they happened, but annoy me cosmetically. They are less than 20mm in length and very shallow, almost hairline, you wouldn't notice unless I pointed it out. I have Comprehensive insurance with Admiral and have Windscreen...
  4. GRaven

    GR86 Rubber Maintenance Detailing

    "Honda shin Etsu grease" Tempted as it sounds so cool. Man-maths.
  5. GRaven

    Toyotas upcoming GT3 car. Race and road version.

    You know what they say, "Never race a one eyed Supra". 🏴‍☠️
  6. GRaven

    GR86 Rubber Maintenance Detailing

    Car is about 6 months old but I’m getting some wrinkles forming where the door and window meet. Especially now with the short burst summer heat waves, it’s starting to look like grandpas unmoisturized dangly bits. They are also starting to look a lot greyer than other so called black plastic...
  7. GRaven

    GR86 GRaven Black

    Trigger Warning: car not washed. I’m sorry … trees and Pollen are having a field day with this Sun. 🌲🌳🌼🐝🌞🤧 Gave my rear end some much needed love with toys and accessories. In my ever quest of protect the scratchy parts of the car so I can keep stock pristine. -Got Laser Sintering Red Dyed new...
  8. GRaven

    GR86 What did you do with your GR86 today

    Installed some abs plastic smoked out rear indicator covers from Now it looks even closer to my neighbours Aston Martin Vanquish!
  9. GRaven

    GR86 Toyota GR86 - Real World Review | The Last 'Proper' Sports Car? | #toyota #gr86

    I just watched this! Lucky Nephew! Very nice Cobra Exhaust! Is it resonated or non? @chopper602 ? Liked and Subscribed very nice Smurf mascot!
  10. GRaven

    GR86 What did you do with your GR86 today

    @KobayashiMaru86 thanks for taking the time and money to test this out! Looks like you just made me spend my money. 😭😅 So the fit was almost perfect except for some of the Side Foam bits touching? Other than that it looks like an absolute perfect fit to have a Space Saver and this rear strut...
  11. GRaven

    GR86 GR86 Space saver?

    I dream of being able to purchase the bottom foam bit, so that everything fits OEM+ I have a brand new OEM wheel off a Levorg (It doesn't fit), OEM jack, OEM Wheel Nut and Washer. And the fitment is just not perfect enough...
  12. GRaven

    GR86 What did you do with your GR86 today

    Installed a newer and firmer elbow rest. A Japanese upgrade from the Ali Express one. It’s firmer and wraps around behind the Handbrake a bit more. Too bad it's red stitching instead of silver. But it is perfect for my bony elbow right behind the handbrake! Chef's Kiss I love it!
  13. GRaven

    GR86 GR86 Automatic - any good?

    Even with an automatic. It's still the only sub £30k-ish, RWD, 2+2 Seat (With Folddown), dedicated sports car you can buy new. You'll have plenty of fun in it, no matter what the transmission. I suspect the rarity of Autos in Europe for the GR86 will mean it'll also retain value too! I often...
  14. GRaven

    GR86 Rubber Floor Mats

    I have the same 3D Mats now, the heel plate looks like a good option as I feel I'm already wearing the tough plastic away. On another note, upon closer inspection, @Sonic what are these? Did I miss something in the packaging? They look like some kind of rubber plugs for floor mats? Where can I...
  15. GRaven

    GR86 Hammersmith A4 east bound, rocket bunny gr86

    Please say it’s a Anime Waifu wrap 🫣🤞
  16. GRaven

    GR86 GR86 Gear Knob Thread

    Looking to get this, is it a transfer? Or is it a whole button face that sticks on top of the blank? @Joolone Do you have a link? Lots of vendors have the GT86 version that may have a slight curve on it?
  17. GRaven

    GR86 GRaven Black

    3D Printed some handles and they work really well! Left and right sides are very different! They have different bolt holes that they go through and they both have different geometries around the boot lock. This is great now as I can close the boot in a more natural manner without pushing down...
  18. GRaven

    GR86 What did you do with your GR86 today

    Testing 3D Printed Door Handles so I stop touching the PPF. Wish I had access to the good materials … this is bio degradable. :cry:
  19. GRaven

    GR86 Summer/Winter Tyre Management/Storage

    Two questions as a UK Novice, living in flat, do you guys pay to switch over once a year from Summer to Winter tyres? I'm a dirty southerner so haven't ever seen much snow down here. More rain/wet/floods than anything else. What am I missing? 1. Do you pay someone to Swap out and Rebalance your...